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Make all your digital devices work smarter to open up new ways of thinking, working, and doing business. We help you to connect to your devices, as these will always be online due to our multi-network SIM cards.

The Internet of Things (IoT) currently plays a huge impact on today's society, as it has transformed every industry. We understand that every IoT device, sensor, application, and process are connectable and therefore can be automated, monitored, controlled, and secured bringing a wealth of benefits to pretty much any industry or business.


How does it work?

In simple terms, IoT allows objects or devices to transmit information, about their status or surrounding, over the internet without needing the involvement of a human counterpart.

A good example of IoT in use could be at a petrol station. The petrol station installs a sensor to read the level of petrol left, once it reaches a certain low point it sends out a signal using an inbuilt SIM to their fuel supplier that they running low. The supplier then delivers the fuel before the station runs out.

Using remote monitoring will reduce the need for routine maintenance, meaning your service engineers can manage their time more efficiently

Minimise maintence costs


Our eSIMs are M2M industrial grade and suitable to be used in extreme environments.

Industrial grade 

Being connected, with multiple devices, to the internet can allow you to be smarter with real-time operational insights while reducing operating costs.

Optimise your business

Using the data that you collect about customers, you can better understand their needs. Helping improve your products to offer an enhanced customer experience.

Improve customer experience

Our IoT SIMs can be single network or multi-network depending on the levels of network coverage you require.

Multi-network SIM

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